Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's been a bit since I've updated about the girls, so here's what they're up to. Elise is becoming more and more independent everyday, which means that we are doing more and more training everyday. All in all, she's pretty compliant and only needs occassional reminders about what is the better choice than what she is currently doing! Often I hear, "No. I will do it." Then about 30 seconds later, "Mommy. Help." Elise is totally into being outside. It doesn't matter what she's doing, she just wants to be outside. Her new favorite toy is her lawnmower from Grandmom. I believe Elise has played with it every single day since she got it. She also has to get her wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, and broom out when she uses the lawnmower. Elise is also getting to be a very good jumper. Not only does she jump up and down, she'll jump off of the steps, a stool, anything is fair game for her! And just today, she walked up all the steps from the playroom... no crawling. I'm not sure if that's a real milestone or if her legs are finally long enough to walk the steps! And for the most important thing, Elise is potty trained during the day!!! No more diapers in the day time for Elise! She's so pround of herself and loves picking out her panties every morning. Since she's such a big girl now, she also wants to sit on the pooty like a big girl and takes her potty seat off. That means I have to hold her while she goes, but that's way better than changing diapers!

Rebekah has started eating solid foods. Although she's not eating a lot, she's doing really well. She has even started opening her mouth and leaning in for the spoon, so that's progress! This past week she also started rolling over from her tummy to back. She did it a few times back in April, but these rolls have been more consistent and intentional. I know I must be crazy, but I am excited for the mobility milestones, and I do my best to put her on her tummy as often as possible to help her learn to roll or crawl or scoot. Rebekah also has two teeth. Her bottom front two teeth came in about a week apart. She did really well with them and only had occassional fussiness. Finally, she's gone from a "baby dinosaur" to a babbler. OK, so she mostly sounds like a baby dinosaur when she talks, but just yesterday, she started making a "bwa bwa bwa" sound, so she's getting her lips into it.

It is so neat to see the girls develop and grow and change. I am constantly reminded how awesome the Lord is as I care for them.