Friday, August 7, 2009


So more for my memory's sake than anything else, I want to record some of the funny, interesting, quirky, off-the-wall things Elise says. There's usually something memorable everyday.

"mmmm. A blueberry sandwich!" -this was about a NutriGrain bar.
"Hello, Beekah, Bookah, Beeks, Bekah!"

"Hi, Bekah. Good morning. How you doing? What you doing, Bekah?" -I overheard this when she went into Rebekah's room one morning.

"Hi, Bekah Harmer!"

"Cook Daddy!" -every evening before we start making dinner.

"I help Daddy cutta the gas."

"What you doing, Mommy?" -this about 12 times in a row after I've already answered her.

"Where'd (insert name here) go?" -typically during mealtimes, she'll ask about family members or pets.

"Mawmellow. Boom. Shovel." -when we get out the toy lawnmower, all of the other grass cutting supplies need to come out too.

"Em. Mommy Jane. EASE!" -when I asked Elise what her name was.
And just for fun, here is Elise in August 2008 and last week. She's really grown! Elise is such a sweetie and makes every day a joy for us!