Saturday, May 29, 2010

Strawberry Picking

Today we took our first visit to the farm this year. We all had a great time and picking was excellent. We weren't sure how well Rebekah would do with all the freedom, but it turns out all we had to do was have her stand next to us, and she was as happy as can be. It didn't hurt that she could eat as many strawberries as she wanted! We ended up picking a little over 13lbs. I think we'll end up using most, and we do plan on sharing some with friends. Some photo highlights from our morning.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


These pictures are prefect examples of the girls' personalities...

Elise getting silly and slap happy with the leftover party hats from her birthday.

Sassy Miss Rebekah, perfecting her modeling look.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Notes for Daddy

This is becoming a frequent scene in our house. Elise has become really interested in what I do at the computer and to whom I write notes. Mind you, I'm not on the computer a lot when the girls are awake, but when I think of something that I need to send to someone or something I need to do on the computer, I have to do it right away or else I'll forget and it won't get done. One day during snack time, I sent Ray a note. Elise asked who I was "writing a note for" and when she found out it was Daddy, she wanted to right a note to Daddy, too! She has a great time typing her note and pressing keys for different things to pop up on the screen. Usually her note says, "Hi, Daddy. I love you." or something similar. Sometimes she updates him on what we're going to be doing. She's also taken up walking around the house, talking on the phone to Daddy (eventhough there's no one on the line) really loudly. I guess she's just prepping me for the teenage years! What a sweetie who loves her Daddy to pieces!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Fancy

After hearing Deb and me talk about painting our fingernails and toenails, Elise got very interested and wanted to do it too. So this morning, she saw that my toes were pink and said that she wanted, "blue toes and pink fingers. I want dark colors." So after breakfast, we came upstairs and she got her blue toes and pink fingers. Of course, Rebekah couldn't be left out! She got little pink piggy toes too!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Daredevil

This is what I found Rebekah doing one morning while I was cleaning up after breakfast- my little daredevil ballerina! Other times, I have found her trying to climb onto the kitchen table to reach something, particularly a cup full of something to drink. She likes to climb up and down just about anything. Jumping in her bed is also tons of fun, and she says "Bouncey, bouncey, bouncey" while she does it. Today at Mom's Brunch, I looked over and she was standing on the table top of the kid's picnic table. Rebekah sure likes to keep my on my toes!!!
On another note, Rebekah is doing a great job speaking. In the last couple of days, she has really started saying more in relation to what she wants or needs. My favorite is when she says, "Hi, Daddy" "Bye bye, Daddy" or "Love you" on the phone with Ray. It melts my heart, and Ray can completely understand what she's saying, so that's saying something! I think her two most used words are "up" and "Mommy." But she sure does love to say "blanket," and boy does she cry that one when I have to hang it on the clothesline to dry instead of giving it to her! But the she figures out running through the blanket is pretty fun :o)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Since our clothes dryer stopped working properly last week, Ray decided that my idea of a clothesline might be a good one! On Saturday, he and Elise went out bright and early to get started on their Mother's Day project for me. They worked together to dig a deep hole, and by the afternoon, my new clothesline was ready for use! I couldn't have asked for a better gift, considering the timing, and I actually find it satisfying to hang the clothes up and take them down. I'm not sure how to explain it- I bet it sounds weird though! I think we're still trying to get used to that bit of a stiff feeling on our towels and jeans, but by the end of the summer we'll come to love it. Needless to say, the girls think hanging sheets and towels are the best and most fun because they can run through them and have the sheet or towel come up over their head. I'll have to post a picture of the finished product with clothes blowing in the breeze... after the rain's gone! Thank you, Ray for a wonderfully thoughtful gift and job well done!