Sunday, May 16, 2010

Notes for Daddy

This is becoming a frequent scene in our house. Elise has become really interested in what I do at the computer and to whom I write notes. Mind you, I'm not on the computer a lot when the girls are awake, but when I think of something that I need to send to someone or something I need to do on the computer, I have to do it right away or else I'll forget and it won't get done. One day during snack time, I sent Ray a note. Elise asked who I was "writing a note for" and when she found out it was Daddy, she wanted to right a note to Daddy, too! She has a great time typing her note and pressing keys for different things to pop up on the screen. Usually her note says, "Hi, Daddy. I love you." or something similar. Sometimes she updates him on what we're going to be doing. She's also taken up walking around the house, talking on the phone to Daddy (eventhough there's no one on the line) really loudly. I guess she's just prepping me for the teenage years! What a sweetie who loves her Daddy to pieces!