Thursday, June 17, 2010


We took the girls on their first camping trip this summer, overnight at Patapsco State Park- Hollofied Area in Ellicott City. Ray and I kept asking each other why we hadn't done it before because we all had such a great time and it was only 20 minutes away! We cooked veggie burgers for dinner over our campfire and then had s'mores. If you ask Elise what her favorite thing is about camping, she tell you chocolate and marshmallows. Rebekah kept coming over and asking for chocolate! Some photo highlights from our evening...


Everyday ask Elise if she wants to wear a dress or shorts. On Saturday, she told me she wanted to wear green shorts. Then she said she wanted to wear a red shirt so she could look like Daddy.
Ray and his buddy were dressed alike the entire day until we went swimming at the Y that night. Aftergetting out of the pool and changing Elise into her pj's, Ray told me Elise said, "But Daddy, now we don't match anymore!" He said that she seemed pretty upset about it, but he reassured her that they could wear matching clothes again. I love how much Elise loves Ray!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Family Update

Two pictures, we just had to share...

That's right! We're expecting the newest addition to our family in December. Ray and I couldn't be more happy, excited, or thankful for this new baby. We are so thankful to the Lord for his faithfulness to our family. Rebekah already loves that my belly button is starting to stick out, and Elise can't decide if she wants a brother or sister. It's such a wonderful season in our lives!