Sunday, July 19, 2009


Most kids have a lovey or other comfort item when they're little. Elise has a small Raggedy Ann doll whom she affectionately calls "Doll." I know, it's such a creative name. We first started giving Elise Doll when she started playing with her own hair. Ray and I thought this might be a better option, but as many of you have seen, Elise still plays with her own hair. Elise has loved Doll's hair so much that she now has two dreadlocks. Doll goes with us on almost every car trip- to the grocery store, the Y, vacations, church, the library, ect. She's flown on a plane and been to several states. Doll even went to family camp. Elise also insisted on bringing her to the playground one day because she thought Doll would like the slide. Doll will soon be getting a hair transplant, but I know that Elise will still love her just as much, and maybe even more, now that she has more hair to twirl!