Friday, July 17, 2009


We started giving Rebekah rice cereal on Monday. She did a really good job eating it and didn't get too messy. As an "experienced" mom, I knew not to make it as liquidy as the package recommends because then it's a real mess. Elise has helped feed her every morning since, but more gets into Elise than Rebekah. Here's our typical morning conversation.

Elise: Mommy, I go outside.
Me: Not yet. Rebekah needs to eat her breakfast.

Elise: I feed her!?

Me: Ok. (Elise then proceeds to give Bek a big spoonfull of rice or oatmeal gooey goodness.)

Elise: I have some?

Me: Sure.

From here on out it's about one spoon for Rebekah and two for Elise until-

Me: Elise, I'm glad you like Rebekah's breakfast, but please let her eat it. When she's done, you can have what's left.

Elise: Ok. (gives Rebekah a spoonfull.) I have some!?

Too bad Elise didn't like baby cereal this much when she was little. It wouldn't have taken almost a year to get through the box of rice and the box of oatmeal!