Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Week Ahead

Ray left this evening for his two week Naval Reserve duty in Newport News, VA. So this week, I'll probably have a number of posts and pictures so Ray can check in and really see what we've been up to. I'm not sure if Elise realizes that she won't see Daddy until we fly down on Saturday morning to meet him. I told her that Daddy had to go away for work for a few days. When I put her to bed tonight, I told her I would come get her in the morning, and she said, "Daddy!" That's because Ray always reminds Elise that he'll get her in the morning, and he always does. We'll see what happens in the morning. Rebekah's pretty clueless that Daddy's not home-as long as Mommy's around for the food, she's content! I'm definitely missing Ray. Nights alone are the hardest for me, but I have my Bible handy for prayer and meditation when I get anxious, and I also have a number of projects to keep me busy.
A quick story about our sweet, helpful Elise. Elise is always on the boogie (or boo-dee as she pronounces it) patrol. Whenever Rebekah sneezes or cousin Julia has a runny nose, Elise runs to the bathroom for a tissue. Now, the tissue usually ends up being a piece of toilet paper that is about an inch square. Last week, Julia sneezed and had a runny nose. Immediately, Elise yelled, "TISSUE!" and sprinted to the bathroom. It seemed to be taking Elise longer than usual to get the tissue, and as I was about to go see what she was doing, she runs around the corner with the biggest tissue I have ever seen- streaming behing her and all! She proceded to run up to Julia and wipe her nose, and Julia diasappeared behind the massive tissue. How I love little Miss Elise!

Updated pictures of the girls:

Elise the bathing beauty

Rebekah is the happiest baby

This picture just cracks me up. Bek puts up with a lot from big sis.