Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We had a wonderful visit to see Daddy. Elise and Rebekah both took their first plane ride and did great! Elise's favorite thing about the airport wasn't all of the planes, it was the trucks that take the baggage and supplies to the plane. Elise got a little nervous during take-off and landing, but when I asked her who we were going to see, she perked right up and said "Daddy!" She also loved that she got her own bag of mini pretzels. Rebekah just had a nice time smiling with the man sitting next to us and touching his arm.

We spent two days with our dear friends the Devers. Elise and Makayla really hit it off. They played in the kiddie pool together, read books, made smoothies in the play kitchen, sat next to each other at lunch, and even took naps together. Typical girls, they didn't go to sleep right away, but rather, they talked and made a little bit of mischief before settling down- yes, that's Elise asleep on the floor.

Ray and Josh hung out and did man things, while Kim and I talked (surprise surprise!) and got caught up with family happenings. Elena and Rebekah just did their own things, but we hope they'll become great friends like their big sisters. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Everytime we get to visit with the Devers' we feel refreshed and encouraged. They are a great example of a covenant family, and we hope our friendship continues for years to come. We're already talking about another visit so we can check out the beach... maybe camping in their backyard! Thank you so much for your hospitality!

We spent Monday morning at Colonial Williamsburg. It was so nice to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather and experiencing the history. We definitely plan on going back when we can spend more time and the girls can appreciate it a little bit more.

Monday afternoon we went to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News. It was like a small zoo/ aquarium combo. It was very interesting and educational. Everything was related to the various geographic areas of Virginia. We all had a nice time. Elise loves animals that aren't up close and personal, and so does Mommy. Rebekah liked her nap in the carrier, and Ray like seeing all of the animals and talking to Elise about them. Too bad we didn't have more time there. If you're ever in Newport News, you should check it out.

Yesterday we had a relaxing day while Ray went to work. He was back at the hotel by 3, so we went to a petting zoo and then out to dinner. In our typical family vacation fashion, we ate almost all of our meals al fresco. It was great! We're looking forward to our big vacation in a week and a half. The flight will be longer, but thankfully both Ray and I will be flying with the girls. What could be better than spending time at the beach with family and attending a wedding!?