Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Week

My birthday was last week, so Ray took the day off, and we had a fun family day. That evening we went out to dinner (which we hardly ever do) by ourselves (which is almost unheard of) to a great restaurant. It was one of those places where dinner takes a couple hours. Needless to say, we really enjoyed ourselves, but the girls had a bit of a rough night. We are very thankful to my mom for her patient and loving babysitting services! We got home close to 830 to find Rebekah awake but snuggled in Gram's arms and Elise like this...She fell asleep right in front of the door, waiting for us to get home. Apparently, she didn't want to eat any dinner, didn't want to take a bath, and didn't want to read books in her room, all because she thought she would have to go to bed without mommy and daddy home. She hasn't yet caught on that Gram (and other babysitters, I'm sure) bend the rules a little while mommy and daddy are away. It was really sweet to see her laying there though when we got home and to see a BIG smile from sleepy-eyed Rebekah. God certainly blessed me with a great birthday!

Ray's parents came to visit us Thursday through Sunday, so we had the opportunity to be tourists in our own city. Because it was raining on Thursday, we had to do something inside, so we took the girls to Storyville at the Rosedale Library. Because you know I love going to the library and doing free activities, this was perfect! We spend a few hours there in the morning, and the girls got to use their imaginations and play, all while cultivating a love for reading and spending quality time with Mommy, Daddy, Grandmom, and Grandpop. Friday was a great day for a trip to the zoo. We got there right when it opened and had a wonderful time visiting the exhibits and seeing it all through the girls' eyes. Some picture highlights...

Saturday morning we went to the Inner Harbor and took a free walking tour. It was really quite interesting, and I think we all agreed that it ended in one of the best areas of the city- Little Italy. And just in time for lunch! We had a nice picnic lunch under a tree near Pier 6. Ray and Elise had a lot of fun playing in a new fountain downtown, and we all enjoyed the amazing weather!