Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Discoveries

Yesterday was the first time Elise has helped make cookies. She got up on her stool and had her spoon already to scoop out some dough for the cookie sheets. Well, she decided to take a taste of the cookie dough, and that was the end of baking for her. Elise quickly set her spoon aside because it was mush easier to use her hand to eat the dough. I'm not sure exactly how much she ate, but it couldn't have been any less than four cookies worth of dough. I even told her to stop eating the dough because we were going to have dinner soon, and she replied, "No dinner." If Bill Cosby can justify chocolate cake for breakfast, Elise can justify oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

Rebekah noticed that she had feet on Saturday. It wasn't until yesterday that she decided to taste them! I have a feeling that they are pretty yummy since everytime she's on her back she has at least one foot in her mouth. I was carrying her to the bathtub from her room this evening and she would not let go of her foot. Bek even played with them during her bath tonight. It's pretty adorable and definitely a cute discovery.