Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Fun Day

We took our first trip to the farm yesterday to go berry picking. This is one of our favorite summer activities, and something that we don't do often enough. We were able to pick some of the last strawberries of the season and red rasberries. Ray had never picked strawberries before. Last year and the year before he got to eat the fruits of my labor! Elise had a good time picking strawberries, but she really liked the rasberries better. It went something like two for Elise, one for the bucket. Rebekah was just along for the ride, and I think was glad to get out of the hot sun and under a shady tree for family snack time.

Trying to figure out how to eat an apple slice.

Last night we went to a concert and cookout at Bishop Cummins. It was part of their Missions Week, and we all had a really nice time. After Elise got some food in her belly, she was dancing away. I think she got Ray's dancing genes! Rebekah enjoyed sitting on the blanket and watching all of the people sitting around us on their chairs and blankets. I told Ray that this is what Summer was all about. Spending time with family and being outside. Looking forward to another family day tomorrow.