Monday, March 15, 2010

More Elise-isms

"You a wild child!" -to Rebekah
"This is a stunk." -talking about a skunk... sounds about right to me!
"What we havin' dinner 'night?" -at 630 in the morning!
On another note, Rebekah is now able to follow simple directions. She takes her diaper and throws it in the trashcan when I'm finished changing her. Rebekah has also started walking everywhere, hardly ever crawling anymore. She's able to climb into Elise's bed and onto the rocking chair without a stool. She'll actually get in the chair and start trying to rock it, saying "rock, rock, rock." A few new words are- sock, bye bye, rock, doll, eye, and ear. My sweet little one is getting so big! It's such a blessing to see these changes and growth in her personality.