Thursday, February 4, 2010


Elise and Rebekah LOVE going to the grocery store. Beside storytime at the library, it is probably one of their most exciting adventures out of the house during the week. I mean what could be better than having people tell you how cute you are and visiting Mr. Bill at the deli counter for a piece of cheese!?

Elise in particular has become very involved and interested in our trips to the grocery store. She has started writing a grocery list.

She gets to push her own shopping cart and fill it with all of her favorite things- fruits, yogurt, cheese, lunchmeat, ect.

Just this past week, she and Rebekah thought they would start putting the groceries away while I went out to get the rest of the bags. I think they went from being helpful to help yourselves when the blueberries spilled on the floor!
At least it kept them busy!