Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Make a FORK!

Here are some more Elise-isms that I have to write down before I forget.

Playing with her kitchen- "Here's some sauce. (holding a ketchup bottle) This is chocolate milk. This is rice milk. (pointing to the bottle) See the cows? Oh, these are horses." I guess in Elise's mind if we don't drink cow's milk, then our milk has to come from some other similar animal!

Talking to Rebekah- "Hi, Bekah! Hello, my sister. Hi, my cutie! What's my cutie doing?" Mind you, cutie is pronounced, too-dee. Very funny!

Pulling out our extra blankets- "Mommy, let's make a fork!" Her new favorite this is to make a fort out of the coffee table and blankets. Today, she and Julia ate lunch in the fort. Now is when I should tell you her T's sound like K's and her hard C's and K's sound like T's. It's sometimes a challenge to speak Elise-ese!